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Subtle Influence

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Subtle Influence

According to the science of Yoga there are three major subtle channels of Pranic energy which are connected with innumerable channels in the human body. The smooth flow of Pranic energy through these channels helps in the effective functioning of the bodily mechanisms and prompts good health. The three major subtle channels of energy (Nadis) are Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. Ida on the left side of the spinal chord represents the lunar channel of energy and Pingala on the right side represent the solar channel. And the Sushmna nadi which lies in between them is the channel through which the Kundilini energy, a part of the all-powerful cosmic energy residing in the human body, moves when it is aroused through spiritual cultivation. At the lower end of the Sushmna Nadi is located a subtle energy field called Mooladhara Chakra in which Kundalini, the subtle energy of human evolution lies in a dormant state. When aroused, this energy potent with infinite divine powers penetrates and moves upwards through the six Chakras (subtle energy fields) along the spinal chord and this divine energy (Shakti) unites with the Divine Consciousness (Shiva) in the center called Sahasraara Padma located in the brain and with this union the individual consciousness becomes one with the Satchid – Ananda (existence – consciousness – bliss) nature of the supreme consciousness, the evolutionary destiny of human life.

Because of its special design, the Pavithra ring exerts a subtle influence in activating the Divine energies in the body. The Pavithra ring is supposed to be worn on the ring finger of the right hand. It is believed that wearing the Pavithra ring on the right hand activates the Pingala Nadi which is specially related to the faculties of reason, perception, analysis and discrimination.

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