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  • From Generation to generation.
    The renowned maker of Pavithra Ring, late Sri CV Kunhambu at the creation of the ring.


  • Transfering the unique gift of craftsmanship from generation to generation.

  • The renowned maker of Pavithra ring, Late Sri. C V Kunhambu

Pavithra RingGaneral Details

The Purity

Wearing this holy ring is good for both material well-being and spiritual elevation. Apart from its regular use during meditation and prayers, it is also used on special occasions as Homa and other religious rituals. The literal meaning of the word Pavithra is pure and holy. Wearing the pavithra ring helps us maintain inner purity and reinforces the mind with greater concentration, courage and peace of mind. At the same time, the purity of the ring also is to be maintained by wearing it only when the body and the mind are clean. Women should refrain from wearing it during menstrual period. For better results, those who use it also are supposed to maintain purity by abstaining from alcohol and non-vegetarian food at least during the time of wearing the Pavithra Ring. Wearing Pavithra Ring after a morning bath and performing Japa is a very refreshing and elevating experience.

The General Details

Size of the Ring Net Weight Gram/M Gram Average Price for Pavithra Ring
1 full Pavithram 38 + 500 Rs. 132500.00/-
3/4 Pavithram 28 + 900 Rs. 101000.00/-
1/2 Pavithram 19 + 250 Rs. 68000.00/-
3/8 Pavithram 14 + 450 Rs. 51000.00/-
1/4 Pavithram 9 + 650 Rs. 35000.00/-
3/16 Pavithram 7 + 250 Rs. 28000.00/-

NB : The Pavithra ring of all the above mentioned categories will be made in 22 ct gold

Please note the following while ordering for the Ring:

  • Order for your suitable ring well in advance
  • The name and birth star should be given
  • The exact measurement of the ring (annular) finger of right hand should be given ( This string or a fancy ring can be given as a measurement)
  • While ordering, the overall price should be remitted. ( Please contact us for current price details )
  • DD / Cheque etc should be drawn in favour of "C V Jayachandran"
  • The ring will be sent by insured post (charges extra) within one month after receiving the order and payment.
  • The ring can be delivered to you by hand in case of emergency (charges extra) by request.

You can also deposit the money in Canara Banks Payyanur Branch

Jayachandran C V
Canara Bank,
IFSC Code : CNRB0000813
AC. No. 0813101019176

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