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  • From Generation to generation.
    The renowned maker of Pavithra Ring, late Sri CV Kunhambu at the creation of the ring.


  • Transfering the unique gift of craftsmanship from generation to generation.

  • The renowned maker of Pavithra ring, Late Sri. C V Kunhambu

History of Payyanur Pavithra Ring

Payyanur is the place where the Pavithra Mothiram, traditionally made of darbha grass was made for the first time in gold and silver for permanent use.

It was by divine Grace the idea of making the auspicious ring for spiritual benefit of all devotees was dawned in the mind of the Tantri of Payyannur Sri Subrahmanya Swami Temple. This occurred in April 1838 (1013, Medam Month, Kollam Era), about 167 years ago, during the period of the temple renovation and reinstallation of the vigraham. This secret technique of making the ring was first conveyed by the Tantri to Chowatta Valappil Kelappan Perunthattan. It became the family tradition and his grandson Chowatta Valappil Kunhambu Sarappu,who was a well-known freedom fighter, became a reputed expert in the making of the sacred ring.

The renovation and reinstallation took place in 1838, some year after the destruction of the temple by the invading armies of Tippu Sultan. After taking the decision to renovate the temple, the people in charge of the renovation went to Iringalakkuda to invite the Tharananallur Nambudirippad, the Tantri of the temple for performing rites. To their disappointment they found that there was no senior member having the knowhow of the rituals and therefore they formally convayed to them the information and returned. However, on knowing this, a little boy of the house, as if inspired by the Divine Will, decided to go to Payyanur and perform the rites. He reached there at the auspicious time and conducted the rites. The legend has it that the boy was miraculously transported to the place on the back of a peacock and thus could reach there right on time and performed the rites and rituals like an expert Tantri. It was this blessed boy Tantri who instructed Chowatta Valappil Kelappan Perunthattaan to make the Pavithra Mothiram in gold and imparted to him the secret technique of making it.

Usually the Pavithra Mothiram is made out of drarbha grass. The main reason for instruction to make the sacred ring in gold is the practical difficulty encountered in making the ring and darbha grass each occasion when the rites have to be performed. It also helped to avoid the regret caused when the temporary sacred ring has to be thrown away somewhere after the use.

As Chowatta Valappil Kelappan Perunthattaan was traditionally associated with the temple, he was instructed to make the Pavithram ring. As instructed he made the ring with extreme care following the secret knowledge conveyed to him and the Tantri was satisfied with his craftsmanship. It was by wearing the ring the Tantri completed the renovation rites. Subsequently his descendants became expert makers of the ring. Late Sri C V Kunhambu Sarap, his grandson, became a renowned craftsman and was honored for his craftsmanship by eminent political and social leaders of the country, who had obtained the sacred ring from him. At present his sons who have inherited the expertise from their illustrious father are carrying ahead the tradition of the best craftsmanship in making the Pavithra Mothiram.

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