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  • From Generation to generation.
    The renowned maker of Pavithra Ring, late Sri CV Kunhambu at the creation of the ring.


  • Transfering the unique gift of craftsmanship from generation to generation.

  • The renowned maker of Pavithra ring, Late Sri. C V Kunhambu

Origin of Payyanur Pavithra Ring

Of the outstanding artistic marvels of Kerala, the Pavithra ring gets a divine dimension awing to its mystical structural patterns the austerities involved during its production. And its history is inseparable linked with the history of Sri Subrahmanya Swami Temple of Payyanur

It has been a tradition in India from time immemorial to make the Pavithra ring out of the holy "Darba" grass and wear it during the performance of religious rites. The Pavithram was made in gold for the first during the 'Naveekarana – Kalasam' ( the re-installation ceremony) in the Sri Subrahmanya Swami Temple of Payyanur after the reconstruction of ancient temple. It was the temple Tantri who entrusted Sri Kelappan Perunthattan of the Chovvatta Valappil family to make the Pavithra ring in gold and gave him the necessary guidance. The adept craftsman accordingly grasped the structural nuances of the ring which made it vibrant with spiritual power. It was by wearing this Pavithra ring in gold made by Sri Kelappan Perunthattan that the Tantri completed all the rituals. Thereafter, it became a convention to make the Pavithra ring in gold by his successors and with the efforts of his grandson Mr. C V Kunhambu it gained widespread popularity. Mr C V Jayachandran, the son of Mr Kunhambu is the present link of the glorious tradition of craftsmanship, he keeps alive the tradition with equal mastery.

It takes three days work to make a Pavithra ring. The makers of Pavithra ring are pure vegetarians and teetotalers. During the production of the ring they observe certain spiritual disciplines . After the completion of the work, the craftsman himself takes the ring to sri Subrahmany Swami Temple of the Payyanur for Pooja. After the Pooja it becomes vibrant with spiritual energy.

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