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Payyanur is the place where the Pavithra Mothiram, traditionally made of darbha grass was made for the first time in gold and silver for permanent use. It was by divine Grace the idea of making the auspicious ring for spiritual benefit of all devotees was dawned in the mind of the Tantri of Payyannur Sri Subrahmanya Swami Temple.


Of the outstanding artistic marvels of Kerala, the Pavithra ring gets a divine dimension awing to its mystical structural patterns the austerities involved during its production. And its history is inseparable linked with the history of Sri Subrahmanya Swami Temple of Payyanur

Subtle Influence

General Details

Wearing this holy ring is good for both material well-being and spiritual elevation. Apart from its regular use during meditation and prayers, it is also used on special occasions as Homa and other religious rituals. The literal meaning of the word Pavithra is pure and holy.